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Advanced Obedience Training

Teach your dog advanced tricks and obedience

Service Description

Elevate your dog's skills to the next level with our Advanced Training Course designed for dogs one year and older. From refining obedience commands to mastering complex tricks, our program challenges and stimulates your canine companion's intellect. Our experienced trainers employ advanced techniques and positive reinforcement to unlock your dog's full potential, building confidence and enhancing their abilities. Whether you aim for competitive obedience or simply desire a brilliantly behaved pet, our tailored approach ensures success. Join us to deepen the bond with your dog, unleash their capabilities, and revel in the joy of a truly accomplished canine companion. Call 704-238-3890 to schedule

  • Starting at 100$
  • Wilkesboro

Contact Details

  • Wilkesboro, NC, USA

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